No-Code Dynamic Form Builder

Use drag-and-drop form designers to easily create mobile-friendly dynamic forms.

Automatically perform calculations, populate fields with SQL data, validate submissions, and more. Plus, incorporate your forms into automated business workflows.

All of this using simple, visual tools and no code. In the cloud or on-premise.

Dynamic form generation for everyone

Real-world business forms have complex business logic. Incorporating this logic into automated forms is often challenging for non-programmers.

frevvo's visual rule builder changes the equation. You don't need to know JavaScript, HTML, or any programming language. Create dynamic behavior such as showing sections only when they're relevant, auto-filling form fields, performing calculations, and more using simple wizards without writing a single line of code.

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Let us show you how frevvo's dynamic form builder software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today

Automate any business processes

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Purchase Order Process Purchase
Timesheet Management form Timesheet
Travel Mileage Reimbursement Travel
Vacation Request Form Vacation
Expense & Mileage Reimbursement Forms Expense
Zero code business process management software

Drag-and-drop to easily create dynamic forms and workflows

Creating custom logic for dynamic behavior is one of the most challenging aspects of real-world business forms for non-technical users.

With frevvo, there's nothing to program.

  • Create your exact layout with our drag-and-drop form designer.
  • Incorporate dynamic behavior without code using our visual rule builder.
  • Visually setup routing for approvals with our workflow designer.
  • Generate dynamic PDFs from form data using our drag-and-drop mapper.

No JavaScript, HTML, or any code required. Anyone can do it.

Auto-fill form controls using visual rules

Optimize data collection with auto-fill

Repeatedly filling in duplicate information into forms is tedious, wastes valuable time, and results in unnecessary errors.

With our visual rule builder, you can automatically fill-in common fields like the date, name and email address of the current user, and more -- without writing any code. Collect accurate, error-free information and simultaneously save users' time.

Easy dynamic behavior using visual rules

Improve the user experience

The easier your forms are to use, the more likely users will actually complete them. All dynamic forms you create with frevvo are automatically responsive and mobile-friendly.

And you can point-and-click to create business rules that simplify your forms for end users. For example:

  • Only show form sections when they’re relevant to the user.
  • Perform calculations upon user submissions.
  • And automatically bring user attention to errors or omissions.

That and more, all without having to code. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can create dynamic forms in frevvo.

Dynamic workflow routing

Visually define custom workflow routing

In practice, forms rarely live in isolation. They're always forwarded to a supervisor for approval, to the HR department for filing away, or to a client for signature. This routing can be highly dynamic and complex and doing it manually is a recipe for mistakes.

With frevvo, automate routing using our point-and-click workflow configuration wizards. Setup dynamic routing based on workflow data with the visual rule builder.

As always, there's nothing to code.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Easily integrate with external systems

Sometimes, a simple business rule just isn't enough. Forms need to incorporate large amounts of data from SQL databases and line of business systems.

With frevvo, it's easy. Easily create forms connected to SQL databases using our visual configuration wizards. If desired, you can write custom JavaScript code to meet highly specific business needs.

frevvo's form builder can meet your dynamic forms requirements, no matter how complex.

Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Dynamic web forms with enterprise-grade capabilities

frevvo includes everything to ensure that your dynamic forms work every single time:

  • Reliability: Business rules generated using our visual rule builder are guaranteed to work. You don’t have to worry about debugging them.
  • Scalability: We'll make sure your business logic scales and performs during volume spikes so users always get a smooth experience.
  • Security: We'll keep your data safe. Setup access control, authentication and authorization. You can use existing credentials e.g. Google Apps or frevvo’s built-in security management.
  • Easy deployment: Choose cloud-based or on-premise software. Visual rules and dynamic forms work equally well in both configurations.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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